American Robotics, drones authorized for automatic flight

American Robotics, drones authorized for automatic flight
The US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has taken a potentially revolutionary step for what will be the future of the world of drones: American Robotics has obtained permission to operate in an official capacity, albeit on a limited area for the moment, with automatic drones without the control of a human operator.

The potential impact of a similar solution is very high, as it means being able to assign the drones to specific tasks, on predetermined routes, entrusting the latter tasks that should otherwise be performed by human operators, with vehicles on the road, with much higher costs and commitment. What Amazon wanted to do for its own logistics, in short, American Robotics has obtained in a preliminary way also from a regulatory point of view. But this is clearly only the beginning of a journey that will have a long way to go.

Automatic drones: FAA authorization

The choice was appropriately weighted so that the terms of risk could be minimal: it is an area with low air traffic, flights can only take place during daytime (to ensure full visibility on the carriers in flight) and authorized drones will not be able to fly at heights greater than 400 feet (about 120 meters) .

The authorized system is called the “Scout system” and is the mixture of a Scout drone, a recharging Scoutbase and a remote control process called Scoutview. The remote control still leads the man to control the carrier, but his presence on the spot is no longer required: it can be a remote control, conveyed via connection and video cameras, so that the completion of the mission in complete safety is ensured. br>

The fields of application are obviously multiple: from industry to agriculture, from defense to logistics, entrusting drones with the transport of instruments for which no human resources must be used: fewer emissions, fewer risks, less encumbrance, greater comfort.

Above all, the process is entrusted to automatic tools that can manage environmental circumstances and ensure maximum safety both for the instrumentation and for any people on the ground.

Source: Business Wire