Windows 10X suddenly on the Edge website

Windows 10X suddenly on the Edge website
The debut of Windows 10X is getting closer and closer. All the clues reveal that Microsoft is working more and more intensely on the next evolution of its operating system, whose nature is not yet completely clear, at least not officially.

Check the version of Edge for Windows 10X

The latest rumors circulated refer to a sort of competitor for Chrome OS, a lighter edition of W10 that focuses on optimization to ensure adequate performance even on machines that are not exactly top of range from the point of view of the hardware sector. Today a concrete reference appeared on the official website dedicated to the preview versions of the Edge browser, distributed in the form of MSIX files.

MSIX files

The presentation of Windows 10x dates back to October 2019 when the operating system was associated with Surface Neo (whose fate is now uncertain) and more generally with dual screen devices. Microsoft later confirmed that it will arrive on laptops first, by the middle of next year. For the RTM (Release to Manufacturer) phase it will not be necessary to wait long: the roadmap points to the month of December.

Apparently the platform will be compatible only with UWP (Universal Windows Platform) software and PWAs (Progressive Web App), but enterprise users should be able to stream Win32 applications thanks to the introduction of a service called Cloud PC.

Source: Microsoft
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