Trust Tyro webcam: FullHD and super discount on Amazon

Trust Tyro webcam: FullHD and super discount on Amazon
We are still in a period in which webcams are the only way to allow visual communication between relatives, friends and colleagues. In recent months, demand has definitely exceeded supply, but now everything seems to have stabilized and some companies have started to discount their leading products. In this case we are talking about Trust which shows its Tyro webcam in great offer on Amazon with a 29% discount on the list price by dropping the final price to 49.99 euros.

Webcam Trust Tyro: technical features

The famous manufacturer of hi-tech devices for computers has decided to carve out a good slice of the market by offering products with a very aggressive quality / price ratio. This Tyro webcam is certainly no exception and consists of a device that manages to capture images with a FullHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Among the main features we find the automatic white correction that allows to transmit clear and well-calibrated chromatically images.

There is no software, so the device is practically Plug & Play, that is just connect it to a USB port and it will be ready to use without any driver or utility installation. Also present in the package is a convenient tripod: the webcam can be fixed directly to the monitor via a clip base, or we can comfortably place it on the desk in order to obtain a more comfortable shooting angle in case of presentations or live streaming events of various kind. The webcam is of course compatible with major video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

At the current price of 49.99 euros on Amazon, with a discount of 20 euros on the list price, it is one of the best products available at the moment that can also be chosen as a welcome Christmas gift.