Trenitalia, to start the transport of bikes on all Intercity trains by 2021

Trenitalia, to start the transport of bikes on all Intercity trains by 2021
The bike transport service on board the train continues its optimization process. Trenitalia itself makes the announcement: starting from 13 December 2020 a further 22 Intercity trains will be active, equipped with special spaces dedicated to the transport of mounted bicycles.

Get on board the trains with your bike!

More and more citizens use bikes as a means of transport to go to work or to reach any other destination. Not surprisingly, the Italian bicycle industry is registering record numbers. Certainly the merit of the state incentives and bonuses allocated is great: the estimates foresee, in fact, that by the end of 2020 the threshold of 2 million units sold will be crossed.

Only a few weeks ago we talked about intermodality, or the new legislation that introduces the obligation for all railway companies to provide a special space on all trains dedicated to bicycles. It is therefore no coincidence that regulation, with the consequent optimization of this service, can only bring benefits for all users forced to use public transport, promoting environmental sustainability at the same time.

New bike service with Intercity

The announcement made by Trenitalia aims to provide additional services to all passengers of the company, by providing spaces for two-wheeled vehicles. At present, the available seats correspond to 6 stalls for each train, with a location in most cases present in carriage 3. However, the company is continuing the modernization work of the old trains with the aim of introducing the necessary equipment on all Intercity trains by 2021, so as to allow users to be able to transport their bikes mounted on multiple routes.

As we had already reiterated, bike transport will be free only until 31 December 2020. Starting from 1 January 2021, each passenger will be able to book a seat also through the Trenitalia website at a cost of € 3.50.

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