The Wolf Among Us 2, new trailer at the Game Awards? Check a leak

The Wolf Among Us 2, new trailer at the Game Awards? Check a leak
After disappearing from the radar of gaming news for a long time, The Wolf Among Us 2 is back to show itself at the 2019 Game Awards with an unreleased trailer.

Since then, the development team has confirmed that the development of The Wolf Among Us 2 started from scratch following the failure of TellTale Games. Already in 2019, it was also highlighted that the title would not have seen the light during 2020. The year, now close to the end, however, did not even see the sharing of new updates on the progress of development. However, this condition could soon change, at least according to a leak that emerged online in the last few hours and supported by the publication of an alleged promotional image of The Wolf Among Us 2.

It seems that a new teaser trailer of the game is in the pipeline, accompanied by a message from the authors lasting about one minute. The Wolf Among Us 2 should also be set two years after the first adventure and consist of 5 episodes. Set mostly in New York, the game will also see the protagonist travel to Vermont to investigate a missing fairy tale. Some sections can be played as Snow White. The leak reports the following cast members: Adam Harrington, Erin Yvette, Gavin Hammon, Melissa Hutchison, Nick Apostolides, Troy Baker, Dave Fennoy Ashley Burch, Cree Summers, Patrick Warburton.

Finally, the leak indicates winter 2021 as the launch window, suggesting the release of The Wolf Among Us 2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. A Nintendo Switch version would instead be absent. Obviously, at the moment there is nothing official and the leak could turn out to be completely wrong: in any case, the wait to find out more will be short. The most suitable stage for a possible return of the title would in fact be that of The Game Awards 2020, scheduled for Thursday 10 December.

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