PS5 has sold Xbox Series X / S 3 times, it is the best launch ever in Spain

PS5 has sold Xbox Series X / S 3 times, it is the best launch ever in Spain
Analyzing the first Spanish sales data we find that PS5 is officially the best launch ever of a home console in Spain. The new Sony machine, in fact, has sold all 43 thousand consoles placed on the market. Three times the number of Xbox Series X / S. Even Microsoft's consoles, however, have sold all the units placed on the market.

Spain, like many other world markets, is suffering from a chronic shortage of next-generation consoles. All the machines placed on the market have been sold and it is not yet known when the new stocks will arrive. A new wave of PlayStation 5 could arrive on December 15, while Microsoft could postpone the new replenishment to 2021.

This situation benefits Sony, which has been able to supply the market with more consoles. At the moment there are 43 thousand consoles placed in Spain alone. 38 thousand of these are the disc model, while only 5,000 are Digital. In this way, PlayStation 5 became the best-selling home console at launch in Spain. PS2 sold 40,000 units, PS3 35,000, while PS4

Curiously, the best-selling ever was the PSP with 54.2 thousand units.

Xbox Series X and S also sold everything. inventory (Vandal says there are still a few Series S out there, but hard to find), but the total number of consoles released by Microsoft was 3 times less than Sony's. In Spain 10,500 Xbox Series X and 3,600 Series S were sold.

With 14,100 consoles, Xbox Series X / S couldn't beat either the Xbox 360 or Xbox One launch. These two consoles, in fact, sold respectively 14,900 and 15 thousand consoles.

Who knows if sooner or later we too will be able to have such precise sales data ...

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