The new liquid AIO by G.SKILL aims for maximum performance

The new liquid AIO by G.SKILL aims for maximum performance
Through a press release, G.SKILL presented a new line of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers: the ENKI AIO series. Named after the ancient Sumerian God of water, the ENKI AIO series aims to deliver high performance by efficiently extracting heat from the CPU through a selected low heat resistance thermal paste and transferring it to the custom convex copper plate and then to the radiator high density through tubes with low evaporation refrigerant. Available with radiator sizes of 360, 280 and 240 mm, each ENKI series AIO includes cooling fans with 9-blade hydraulic bearings, ARGB lighting and a kit of mounting brackets.

To achieve cooling High performance and maximum CPU contact, ENKI series AIO liquid cooler uses custom convex cold plate design. On the other side of the plate, high-density micro-fins are used to optimally guide the coolant flow for efficient heat transfer.

The ENKI series AIO liquid cooling system is equipped with cooling fans Nine-blade PWM with high performance hydraulic bearings, selected for their high static pressure in order to maintain a constant air flow. Included in the accessories package is a server thermal paste tube which has extremely low thermal resistance and allows for rapid heat transfer from the CPU to the copper cold plate.

Each AIO series liquid cooler ENKI is equipped with three-pin ARGB motherboard connectors, which allow customizable RGB lighting via the motherboard control software.

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Available in 360, 280 and 240mm radiator variants, the ENKI AIO series comes with a 5 year limited warranty. This product line will be available through distribution partners G.SKILL in 2021.

On Amazon you can find the 32GB kit of G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3600 at a very attractive price.