PS5: when will new units be available?

PS5: when will new units be available?
Last September 16, during an event dedicated to PS5, the price of the two versions of the consoles was officially unveiled, officially opening the dance for pre-orders. Right from the start, users ran into scarce stocks available and not all of them managed not to get the new Sony console in time. Since then, the next-gen-hungry audience hasn't stopped wondering when more PS5s would be available again on the market. official confirmations are missing. Sony President Jim Ryan, during an interview for the Russian agency TASS, spoke out about the success of the PS5, which immediately recorded high sales in record time, but did not formally announce a date for the new supplies.

Right on the day of its official worldwide launch, ie November 19th, PS5 is back available in Italy, making the main electronics sites inaccessible. It is known that retailers have run out of stock very soon, so users remain vigilant waiting for the right moment to move. In this regard, the CEO of Sony, who had already exposed himself in the days of speeches by granting an interview to BBC News, confirmed the intrinsic difficulties in launching a console in the midst of a global pandemic, declaring however that Sony is doing everything possible. to bring new consoles to market soon.

“I have spent a year of my life trying to increase the demand for PS5 and now we are forced to work even harder to make the supply meet the demand that we created. To date, every unit produced has been sold, ”Jim Ryan tells TASS. While waiting for official information to share with you, keep following us so you don't miss Sony's next move.

According to some rumors, PlayStation 5 may be available again soon, so keep an eye on this address to buy one on Amazon Italy, where you can also find a game to start with like Demon's Souls.

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