The Harry Potter saga and the new Salani covers

The Harry Potter saga and the new Salani covers
2020 has certainly not been an easy year but for fans of the Harry Potter saga it will probably end in style.

To bring a bit of magic to this disastrous year there will, in fact, be the marathon of the films of the most beloved boy wizard in the world, which will air on Canale 5. In addition to this, fans will be able to admire a brand new re-edition of the Harry Potter saga, with a new cover style, inspired by architecture. Salani said:

At the international level there was still no such project. The success of Harry Potter meets the Italian excellence of architecture and design in the world

The new edition, which is still unclear whether it will also include an adaptation of the much discussed translation made by linguist Stefano Bartezzaghi, will be in sale from 21 January 2021 and will see the printing of new covers, designed by architect Michele De Lucchi. These illustrations will feature the most significant buildings of each chapter of the Harry Potter saga and will provide, according to the publisher, an unprecedented perspective on the adventures of the most famous wizard in the world.

Despite the intent, certainly admirable , by Salani it seems that the fans have not appreciated the new covers and that the criticisms, from the publication of the preview on the social media of the publisher of December 13, are arriving numerous. Among those who have made easy irony, to those who have expressed strongly negative opinions, the sentiment of the fans seems to be that of the rejection of the covers which, according to them, appear cold and which, according to most, "have lost all the magic" of the saga by Harry Potter.

This edition is just the latest in a long series of reissues and different covers, from the original 1998 designs with the enigmatic covers by Serena Riglietti, passing through the color edition of 2019 with illustrations by Jim Kay up to the latest edition, published at the beginning of 2020, with illustrations by the MinaLima studio containing "eight new interactive elements, including the real Hogwarts letter to open!".

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