The Geely concept becomes Zero EV, an electric car with a range of 700 km

The Geely concept becomes Zero EV, an electric car with a range of 700 km
The future of the Geely group has undergone a sharp acceleration in recent months, and the imminent arrival on the market of the new platform dedicated to electric cars can only make all the brands of the Geely group happy, such as Volvo, Polestar and Lynk & Co.

It's called Zero EV, previously called Zero Concept, and is based on the new SEA architecture developed by the Chinese giant; the car is similar in size to a Tesla Model S, and apparently it should already be in pre-production, after the first prototype was unveiled 3 months ago.

Geely's goal with this new architecture is to offer at least 700 km of autonomy, also thanks to a new 800 volt battery which, according to the company, should ensure at least 190,000 km of autonomy without any loss of energy efficiency. In total, the battery should guarantee over 1 million kilometers.

Thanks to the new design, the Zero EV will be able to install the battery on the floor, improving road holding thanks to a 50:50 weight distribution; in addition, the new Zero EV should go from 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds, a truly excellent result.

Geely has confirmed that it will be possible to update the car's firmware via over-the-air updates, heart of the new SEA operating system.

"We are creating a new type of electric vehicle, a vehicle that offers performance, quality and very high technology."

For the moment the car is offered with the Lynk & Co logos - which operates mainly in Europe and China, even with a subscription service - but without a doubt these technological advances will be shared with the whole group, made up of major brands such as Volvo and Polestar. It is no coincidence that the Zero EV has undergone all the classic Volvo tests, such as the moose test, and will also be tested in adverse weather conditions to make sure that the car works in the best way even in very cold or very hot temperatures.

The first deliveries of the Geely Zero EV are expected as early as 2021.