Star Wars Rogue Squadron: New Movie is not based on the games of the same name

Star Wars Rogue Squadron: New Movie is not based on the games of the same name
Over the past week, Disney and Lucasfilm announced numerous new Star Wars projects that we'll see over the next few years. This also includes the movie Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, which Patty Jenkings (Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984) will direct. But while the name of the film would suggest it, it is not based directly on the game series of the same name, which debuted in 1998. Jenkins made this clear in a recent interview with IGN magazine. Although it serves as a source of inspiration, a 1: 1 implementation is not to be expected. It says:

"In the movie Star Wars: Rogue Squadron we do something on our own with the great influences from the games and the books. There are a variety of things that are recognized and known around this subject. Yes, it's a story in its own right and I'm really looking forward to doing it. "

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Accordingly, Patty Jenkings and the rest of the crew let themselves be both books and the games of the Rogue Squadron series inspire, but does not want to implement them 1: 1. Instead, she plans a separate story, which will be thematically based on the already known templates. Accordingly, it cannot be assumed that the attacks by Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles on the outposts of the empire will be shown in the film.

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Source: IGN

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