Raspberry Pi Zero turns a Christmas ornament into a Nintendo Entertainment System

Raspberry Pi Zero turns a Christmas ornament into a Nintendo Entertainment System
Today we offer you an interesting project created by the maker known on Reddit as Retrocution. For this holiday season, Retrocution decided to use a Raspberry Pi to transform a Christmas tree ornament in the shape of a Nintendo Entertainment System into a fully functional retro game console.

Credit = Retrocution For its making, Retrocution has essentially integrated a Raspberry Pi Zero inside a tiny NES-shaped ornament that RetroPie runs on.

In the demonstration video, the device is connected to an old CRT television using the RCA ports on the part. front. According to Retrocution, RetroPie's aspect ratio had to be adjusted to 4: 3 to get the aspect ratio that provides the right feel for a truly classic gaming experience.

I turned my NES Christmas ornament into a working gaming console! from r / RetroPie

To reduce the number of cables and the need to pierce the ornament for faster access to the ports, Bluetooth controllers for one or more players were used. In case you want to take a deeper look at the project, we recommend you visit the original thread on Reddit to see the mini console in action.

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We also recently told you that Raspberry Pi announced new support for industrial customers, a market that represents 44% of total sales for a total of approximately 15 million devices.

Industrial customer support comes in the form of a new dedicated area of ​​the Raspberry Pi website where those wishing to integrate the Raspberry Pi into a product can find information on the latest boards, such as the Compute Module 4, and details on how the range of Single Board Computers complies with the numerous regulations and requirements for electronic devices.

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