Raspberry Pi, the Compute Module 4 in the form factor of an Arduino?

Raspberry Pi, the Compute Module 4 in the form factor of an Arduino?
The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 introduced a new form factor, eliminating the previous SO-DIMM in favor of a new connector with a much denser number of pins. The board of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 is quite large, as it has to provide all the functionality requested by the developers. Twitter user @TimonSKU created Piunora, which sees Compute Module 4 mounted on a board that resembles the layout of an Arduino Uno R3.


Piunora is a carrier board that interrupts the GPIO, HDMI, USB and power connections from the Broadcom system on chip (SoC) and allows you to use the Compute Module 4 as if it were a typical Raspberry Pi, albeit in a form factor from Arduino Uno R3 / Adafruit Metro.

Piunora offers a full-size HDMI port with support for up to 4K60 resolution, USB-C for data and power, a single USB port and a component connector Qwiic / QT badge. The GPIO also provides a generous number of pins, although the full Raspberry Pi set is not present. However, six analog inputs are provided via the MCP3008 ADC chip, something absent in a typical Raspberry Pi.

Credit: @timonsku Credit: @timonsku The most interesting part of this board is found in the lower section. Turning Piunora upside down, we see a PCIe M.2 interface that allows for the use of super-fast NVMe storage devices or add-ons like Google's Coral Tensor Processing Unit. We also find four APA102 RGB LEDs, which can be controlled using Adafruit's CircuitPython Python library.

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At the moment, no price has been set for Piunora, but Timon hopes to make the card available as Open Source Hardware (OSHW), allowing many to download and manufacture their own cards.

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