Pinterest chooses the 5 trending topics of the day

Pinterest chooses the 5 trending topics of the day

The "Today" section collects the most popular themes on the app. A showcase for influencers and companies to showcase their ideas

Today is the new tab for trending topics on Pinterest (photo: Pinterest) Ideas updated daily based on trending topics. These are the contents that contains Oggi, the new card that Pinterest has launched on the Italian market.

Many users will have noticed that by accessing the mobile application, for Android and iOS, the platform informs of the presence of a new card named Today. Located at the top of the main feed, the card presents ideas and suggestions collected based on the trending topics that day. The collected pins will change daily according to the most clicked topic on the portal.

Initially, the Today tab will present the proposals of the Pinterest team but over time, content from external figures such as creators, journalists or Italian brands will also be available. By accessing the tab, users will find themselves in front of a vertically scrolling feed that will show 5 ideas for each day. In case a user missed a day's updates, it will be possible to scroll back to see which ideas were trending in the previous days.

The portal has decided to implement this new tab since 2020 was a year which has seen an increase in interactions with users. Therefore, since searches have doubled compared to 2019 and the creation of new boards has grown by 80%, Pinterest has decided to group together the possible trending inspirations to show them daily to its users.

Users can then consult on the main feed the suggested contents based on the searches carried out or the Pins saved in their boards, or consult the Today tab which instead will show the most popular ideas worldwide, drawing from the most clicked topics that on that day are setting trends. No wonder, therefore, with the approach of Christmas, that the proposed pins collect ideas to decorate the tree, create the crib or decorate the table for the holidays.