Netgear Orbi kit for mesh networks: exceptional discount!

Netgear Orbi kit for mesh networks: exceptional discount!
Both home and corporate mesh networks are the best possible way to extend the coverage of the Wi-Fi network in larger or smaller environments. They feature a main router and a customizable number of satellites that provide other access points in place of the modem and extenders. With this sophisticated yet simple system it is possible to achieve efficient coverage in any environment without the risk of loss of speed or signal. In this regard, we would like to point out the Amazon offer regarding a kit of 3 Netgear Orbi RBK13 devices which go from € 229.90 to € 169.90.

Netgear Orbi kit for mesh networks: main features

The package we are talking about today is the Netgear Orbi WiFi Mesh RBK13. It is a complete kit, consisting of a primary router and two satellites to be positioned at your discretion. The convenience of these kits is precisely the possibility of positioning the satellites in the point where the connection needs more power, managing to cover an environment of up to 200 square meters with the WiFi signal.

The peculiarity of the Netgear kit also is the simplicity of configuration. Through the dedicated app, you will be guided through the procedure, managing to configure the entire network in just 3 steps. No cables or clutter of any kind will be required: just connect the router to the modem, then synchronize the various satellites and you're done.

Finally, another point in favor of Netgear's system is security. The kit is offered with Netgear Armor protection with BitDefender. In addition, the Parental Control allows complete management of the activity, giving the possibility to set the accessible sites, the time slots and more for both individual users and devices, as well as complete monitoring of online activity. The kit is available today with a 60 euro discount, priced at 169.90 euro on Amazon.