Monitron and other Amazon devices for the industry

Monitron and other Amazon devices for the industry
After conquering the e-commerce and cloud markets, Amazon is now aiming to have its say in the world of industry, leveraging its experience gained with projects related to artificial intelligence and the resources available for the development of new solutions. Some have been presented by AWS and are ready for use.

New AWS solutions for industry: Monitron, Panorama and more

The first is called Monitron and is the one visible in the image below. These are sensors with dimensions of a few centimeters that can be applied to any equipment or machinery, capable of detecting vibrations or abnormal temperatures so as to promptly warn of a possible malfunction.

Panorama is instead the name of a service that is based on computer vision algorithms to analyze the images captured by the video cameras present in the structures, automatically identifying safety problems linked for example to the non-use of personal protective equipment by workers or the presence of vehicles in areas where they are not foreseen.

Lookout again takes care of transferring the information collected within the plants to the cloud, developing models capable of returning estimates and ad hoc forecasts. With these words Matt Garman, Head of Sales and Marketing at AWS, explained the company's interest in this area.

If you look at manufacturing and industry in general, it is a world that has seen some innovations, but in which many things have not been digitized or modernized. There are tons of data in a factory, manufacturing facility, or supply chain. They are trapped in sensors or machines, and a large number of companies could benefit from them.

Amazon says it has already installed 1,000 Monitron sensors in its logistics centers located near the German city of Mönchengladbach, testing their effectiveness in tracking conveyor belts that deal with the handling of packages. Siemens Mobility, on the other hand, has declared that it intends to experiment with the use of Panorama to control the flow of traffic in cities.

Source: Amazon