Mickey Mouse T-shirt exclusively for a few hours on TeeTee!

Mickey Mouse T-shirt exclusively for a few hours on TeeTee!
Fans of the Disney world, and in particular of Fantasia, pay attention, in fact for a few more hours on the store there is a new exclusive graphic dedicated to Mickey Mouse Apprentice Sorcerer version! This t-shirt can be yours for only € 12.00 (+ € 3 shipping) and portrays the contours of Mickey Mouse as it appears in the famous Disney classic musical Fantasia, in the Sorcerer's Apprentice sequence while controlling the stars of space with magic. A sweater that Disney lovers appreciate, and that can become a nice gift idea for Christmas.

On TeeTee it is also possible to apply this exclusive graphic on sweatshirts and tank tops, with models for men, women and even for children , but in this case the only color available is black, which however brings out the blue shades of the stars above Mickey's body very well.

In case you want to recover Fantasia on the occasion of its 80th Anniversary, you can find it on Disney +, along with the sequel Fantasia 2000. Also on the platform, after the acquisition of Fox, it includes all franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars films, all seasons of the Simpsons, as well as National Geographic documentaries.

Read also: 80 years of Fantasia, one of the best animated films ever Given the many possibilities that TeeTee offers, we recommend that you visit the promotion page in order to find the perfect customization mode according to your needs. The last thing before letting yourself go to the TeeTee store is to remind you once again to subscribe to our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where you will be constantly updated on the latest offers relating to technology, hardware, smartphones and Chinese products, such as Huawei and Xiaomi. If you are looking for discount coupons to use for your purchases, take a look at our special Discount Codes page.

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