Marvel announces Demon Days: X-Men by Peach Momoko

Marvel announces Demon Days: X-Men by Peach Momoko
Peach Momoko, much appreciated cover artist, was one of the most important hits scored by Marvel and the editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski in terms of exclusives. The designer, however, will not limit herself to creating her highly sought-after variant covers but will also debut as a complete author with Demon Days: X-Men.

Demon Days: X-Men by Peach Momoko, details

Demon Days: X-Men is a 5-issue miniseries, quarterly prestige format, which will debut in the United States at March 2021.

The miniseries will reinterpret some of the X-Men in a yōkai and horror key who will become cursed samurai and hunting for demons. The heroes and villains including Psylocke, Venom and Wolverine will be reinterpreted according to the figures of Japanese folklore

Here is the official synopsis released by Marvel:

Demon Days: X-Men begins when a wandering swordsman equipped with a psychic sword he arrives in a village targeted by some demons. One of these demons is black and white and has a terrifying red tongue…

Here are some preview plates:

These are the words of the author Peach Momoko:

I love yōkai, horror stories and Japanese folklore, samurai stories… I've always wanted to tell something similar with Marvel characters, looking for new narrative outlets but also from a design point of view.

The whole miniseries takes place in Japan and I will introduce different characters, different versions in reality so forget their "original" versions also because my characters will not be superheroes but samurai, oni, yojimbo and so on ... They will have the powers that distinguish them but also new versions of them.

I went as far as I could to give as personal a version of the Marvel universe as possible and I really hope readers enjoy it.

Marvel has already announced the departure of a new regular series in continuity entitled X-Men Legends which will see the return of some of the names involved in what is considered the golden age of the X-Men or the 90's.

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