Kindle Unlimited, the 0.99 euro super offer is back

Kindle Unlimited, the 0.99 euro super offer is back
An excellent idea for oneself and for others, especially at a time when you are looking for a low-cost idea for Christmas or want to add more depth to the Kindle that you are going to give to the family: the Kindle Unlimited program is back in offer at 0.99 euros for three months. The offer goes exactly in these terms: if you sign up for the program for the first time you can choose whether to enjoy 1 free month (following which the renewal is triggered at 9.99 euros per month) or whether to join the promotion that gives you access to free and unlimited reading on Kindle for € 0.33 per month for three months.

Kindle Unlimited, the great offer returns

The promotion has just been reintroduced and it is possible join it until January 4, 2021. In light of the restrictions that are about to return, this is an excellent idea to multiply your home library in view of the hours spent within your walls, knowing that you can have over 1 million ebooks available whose reading can take place both on Kindle and on smartphones, as well as on tablets how much on PC, always with the same account.

Usually this offer is valid for all those who have never previously joined this opportunity, but in this case Amazon seems to have done even something further. Those who have already joined Kindle Unlimited in the past, in fact, by visiting the same page could be faced with an additional offer that provides 6 months of unlimited reading at a cost of just € 29.97. The latter option remains available until December 31 and will appear on the page automatically, if your account is compatible with the rules provided by Amazon, by going to this page.

Giving or treating yourself to Kindle Unlimited means being able to access educational books, the entire Harry Potter saga, endless hours of immersive reading without limits to emotions. All for 0.99 euros, waiting to understand (after 3 months) if this type of subscription can really do for you.