Is Uncharted 5 for PS5 Really in Development by Sony San Diego? An insider raises doubts

Is Uncharted 5 for PS5 Really in Development by Sony San Diego? An insider raises doubts
Uncharted 5 for PS5 is a fixed element in the rumors, considering how the series is probably destined to have a following next gen, but the fact that it is really in development at the Sony San Diego team is lately the subject of debate and the recent intervention. of a rather reliable insider feeds doubts.

For quite some time now, it has been claimed that Uncharted 5 on PS5 is in development at Sony San Diego, the mysterious internal team of PlayStation Studios that is not never been officially announced but in which several first party developers converged, including various managers of the previous Uncharted chapters, which led to the suspicions about the project in development in the direction of Uncharted 5.

However, the first doubts have already emerged recently with the exit from the scene of several key elements from the mysterious San Diego team, such as Quentin Cobb and John Bautista, they had even made us think that Sony had closed the team, a hypothesis then returned with the confirmation of the same Bautista on the state of health of the team and the project in development.

In any case, time passes and the confirmation of Uncharted 5 still does not arrive, which further stimulates discussion of what the team in question is actually doing. Recently, Shinobi602 has also increased doubts, considered for years a rather reliable insider.

Speaking in a discussion on the topic on the ResetEra forum, the insider limited himself to responding with a gif to a user who confidently claimed that San Diego was working on Uncharted 5. The gif in question simply states "Are you sure?", or "Are you sure?" , which in itself tells us very little, but which seems to instill doubt in this now widespread idea.

However, it could also be read in reverse, with the insider wanting to highlight the post of the user in question, almost as a confirmation. In short, the interpretations are many but a solution could also be simply that the San Diego team is currently working on something else that is not Uncharted 5, also because if the object of development is really, as reported by other clues , a "narrative driven" third-person action adventure, this definition can practically apply to almost all major Sony PlayStation in-house productions.