FIFA 21: on PS5 is it graphically less beautiful than in FIFA 17?

FIFA 21: on PS5 is it graphically less beautiful than in FIFA 17?
Now almost a month old of the new generation of consoles, many early adopters are starting to draw the sums on the first moments of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. As was widely expected, along with a handful of new titles, the ninth generation consoles have also brought back a whole series of titles already released on previous consoles thanks to cross platform and among these there is also FIFA 21.

Some of these games have also undergone technical upgrades; such as the annual FIFA 21 football title. According to the first reports of users who have switched to the virtual football season on PlayStation 5, there is a fairly general impression that the new game from EA Sports is not all that incredible under the visual aspect, indeed, what it seems is that it is much less beautiful to look at than FIFA 17.

Why does FIFA 17 look better than Next Gen FIFA 21?

- Matt (@MGH) December 5, 2020

The first to report these differences, quite clear, between the two titles is was the youtuber Matt, who posted on his Twitter profile an image that compares both editions of the football title Electronic Arts. The impression is that the FIFA 17 screenshot (the one on the left) has in general more saturated colors than what is shown in the image depicting FIFA 21 (screenshot on the right).

To actually understand what differences there are between the two images, however, it is not as easy and immediate as it might seem. A whole series of technicalities that are not so easy to notice at first glance should be taken into account, such as the resolution, the general quality of the textures or the various shaders applied to the models in game. What do you think of it? Do you also think that on PS5 FIFA 17 is more visually beautiful than the recent FIFA 21? Please let us know with a comment.

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