HOFELE-Design presents a new modified Mercedes G-Class

HOFELE-Design presents a new modified Mercedes G-Class
HOFELE-Design is a German company that has been collaborating with Mercedes-Benz for some time; HOFELE's latest effort is made on the basis of the Mercedes G-Class, and is characterized by a very particular design of the rear doors, the so-called "Coach Doors", made with opening against the wind. to the rear pillar of the bodywork, and are designed to be able to open to 90 ° in order to facilitate getting on board, further facilitated by a step that retracts automatically when the doors are closed; this modification is particularly interesting and above all useful, since the doors of the G-Class are not very wide and comfortable to use.

The customization of HOFELE-Design, however, does not stop there, and also includes gigantic rims in 23-inch diameter alloy, a front grille modified to carry the company logo, and various chrome plating on the front bumper, sides and spare wheel attached to the tailgate.

The G-Class modified by HOFELE makes its strong point: obviously all the materials are of the highest quality, such as Nappa leather and alcantara, fabrics used for the upholstery. The rear seats are transformed into a real living room, with soft padding, support cushions, and a rich center console that divides the two seats and makes the journey very comfortable. Integrated into the seats are a heating and cooling system, as well as various massage and position adjustment functions. Even the trunk has received some improvements, with a new glossy black and aluminum cargo bed.

As you can imagine, HOFELE-Design has not revealed the price of these customizations, but judging by the large amount of modifications of the high quality that have been designed, it is easy to imagine an adequate price for the proposed luxury.

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