PS5: Sony is the company that has spent the most on advertising

PS5: Sony is the company that has spent the most on advertising
Autumn 2020 will be remembered as the moment when the next gen landed in the homes of many gamers around the world. First with the Xbox Series X | S, and later with the PS5, the gaming sector has entered the next generation of consoles with great strides. Now we just have to play with the launch titles and wait for what the first months of 2021 have in store for the new consoles.

In the meantime, according to a recent report published by the Venture Beat editors, it emerges how in the last period, which goes from last October 16 to November 15, the videogame company that has spent the most on advertising was Sony. The thing was enough for everyone to see, given that we were studded with new commercials and various signs all dedicated to both PS5 and the line up planned for the first year of the console's life.

According to published data from iSpot tv, behind Sony there is Nintendo, which although it has not released games that are particularly expected in this period, has focused a lot on advertising titles such as Mario Kart Live Home Circuit. From third place onwards there is also space for Xbox, Ubisoft and Activision, with the two companies mentioned last that have pushed hard on their flagship products such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Among the money spent on advertising, Sony is the company that has bet the most to push its products, leading the ranking with a share of 47% of the total expenses of all the videogame companies combined. What do you think of the strong structure proposed by Sony on PS5 advertising and its new first party titles?

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