Green Lantern, Suicide Squad and the first post DC Future State creative teams

Green Lantern, Suicide Squad and the first post DC Future State creative teams
The CCXP, the largest Brazilian convention (obviously in a completely digital version due to Coronavirus) is currently underway and has always been a great stage for DC which has a large following in the South American country, and with the first panels held in the Italian night the first indiscretions arrive on some series such as Green Lantern and Suicide Squad that will kick off after DC Future State or the event that will monopolize the editorial proposal in January and February.

The new creative teams of Green Lantern, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans Academy, Swamp Thing and Justice League Dark

Specifically last night the DC Future State: Justice League panel was staged which unveiled 4 series that will start indicatively in March.

Green Lantern and Suicide Squad two raises immediately stand out.

Green Lantern will be written by Geoffrey Thorne (Ben 10, Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers: Black Panther's Quest and the Power TV series) and drawn by veteran Tom Raney (Annihilation Conquest, Alpha Flight, Ultimate X- Men, Uncanny X-Men, DV8, Stormwatch, Outsiders). This is the same creative team that will write "The Last Lantern" which is the main story of the anthology DC Future State: Green Lantern starring John Stewart. No further details have been provided at this time about the new regular series.

Suicide Squad will be written by Robbie Thompson (Supernatural) and former lead story writer in the DC Future State: Suicide Squad anthology, and drawn by veteran Eduardo Pansica (Wonder Woman, Earth-2, Green Lanterns, Freedom Fighters).

DC has also published a promotional image of the new series in which Peacemaker stands at the center, also protagonist of an upcoming TV series for HBO Max:

Justice League Dark will return in March with the excellent Ram V, current writer of the series inherited from James Tynion IV, in command and will also write the history of the anthological DC Future State: Justice League, with pencils by Xermanico (Wonder Woman).

Teen Titans Academy will start in March written by Tim Sheridan (Teen Titans GO !, Justice League Action, Superman: Man of Tomorrow) and drawn by the excellent Rafa Sandoval (Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps, The Flash). It is the same creative team that of the anthological DC Future State: Teen Titans and as easily understood it will see the original Titans create an academy for young heroes, a narrative expedient that is not exactly original but always effective.

Finally in March there will be a very welcome return, a new regular series of Swamp Thing written by Ram V and drawn by Mike Perkins (Green Lanters, Lois Lane)

We remember that in the last few days Wonder Girl had already been announced , written by Joelle Jones (Catwoman), starring Yara Flor, DC Future State's Wonder Woman.

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