Fortnite Season 5: watch out for ambushes, the desert hides dangers

Fortnite Season 5: watch out for ambushes, the desert hides dangers
Only a few hours have passed, but Fortnite Season 5 has already widely opened its doors to all fans of the successful title. The news arising from the post attack of Galactus are numerous, and for sure the battle royale community will have a lot of content to sift through in these first moments of the fifth season. What appears from the first reports of the players, however, is that the Epic title has many more secrets than previously thought.

Among these there is one concerning the desert area. What has been reported by some players on social networks is a new feature introduced this morning together with the update dedicated to Fortnite Season 5. Now it is possible, by visiting the desert area, to be swallowed by quicksand. However, this will not lead to your elimination and you will not receive any physical damage, indeed, everything will be to your advantage.

This NEW Fortnite feature is a troll's dream, Might be the only thing I do on the map LOL since everyone seems to be Spam building feens.

- H2O Delirious (@ H2ODelirious) December 2, 2020

As shown in a short clip recorded, and then published, by user known on Twitter with the nickname of “H2O Delirious”, quicksand allows players to disappear from possible enemy view. A real "stealth" mechanic that, if properly exploited by the players, can make the shooters in the desert area much more unpredictable than in the past seasons of the battle royale.

A really nice and interesting gem, for a start to Season 5 which, according to many players, has already started with a bang. What do you think of this new feature that can be used in the desert area of ​​the Fortnite map? How are you finding the first moments of life of the new Season 5? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment in the dedicated section.

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