Fordzilla P1: the spectacular car built with 250,000 gamer votes is now a reality

Fordzilla P1: the spectacular car built with 250,000 gamer votes is now a reality
Computer graphics are a tool of great potential: it allows you to create objects giving free rein to creativity, continuously modifying and adding new elements without having to worry about the resources that will be lost. At Gamescom 2020, Ford unveiled the Fordzilla P1 Team, the first virtual concept car designed by a major car manufacturer in collaboration with a group of gamers.

Ford, and it is a very rare case, presented a real version of the P1, a 1: 1 scale model that incorporates the style and characteristics of the virtual racing car in every detail. Developed entirely without physical interaction between the designers, it required seven weeks of work and the processing of over 250,000 votes from users who participated in the project.

Racing car

Team Fordzilla P1 measures 4,731mm long, 2,000mm wide, 895mm high. The spectacular wheels are 21 inches. To develop the car, the company used the more than 200,000 votes of the community of users reached by Ford through polls proposed on the Twitter social network platform.

The monocoque structure is covered by an almost transparent roof, under which the driving position is very similar to that of a Formula 1 car.


Due to the complex international health situation, the Fordzilla P1 was developed and designed entirely remote. The team that worked on the project never met and was spread across five different countries. The collaboration with gamers was fundamental to offer a product that was as suitable as possible for the world of digital competitions.

A reality to which the Fordzilla belongs and for this reason Ford has added some curious details dedicated to the players. In front of the co-driver's seat there is the inscription AFK: away from keyboard as a reminder that this is a real car. In the front area, another message that is a good omen, GLHF: good luck have fun. The Fordzilla P1 will take part in a roadshow during which it will be shown to the public, and from 2021 it will join the stable of cars available in a famous video game.