Bonus 500 euros: one month of Voucher Plan

Bonus 500 euros: one month of Voucher Plan
Unlike what happened with the Mobility Voucher (and partly with the State Cashback, albeit without reason), for the so-called 500 euro Bonus of the Phase 1 Voucher Plan there was no Click Day: just over a month passed from the start to the disbursement of contributions, only 17.4% of the available resources have been booked, equal to 34.79 million euros out of the 200 million available.

Voucher Plan, Phase 1: a one month from the start

Taking into consideration the operators, those who have submitted the application to be accredited on the Infratel platform are in total 205. Of these, 156 have successfully completed the procedure and were deemed suitable to upload their proposals .

Again, the offers made available to citizens are 1,035 from 101 rea different lties: 540 from 86 companies have obtained the go-ahead, while 482 have been refused due to contractual clauses differing from the provisions of the agreement, primarily for reasons concerning the tacit renewal at the expiry of the contract or the non-compliance with the requirements for the connection or devices provided with the subscription to the service. Below are the data regarding the vouchers booked and activated (the latter indicated in brackets).

Abruzzo: 1.889 (151); Basilicata: 1,301 (117); Calabria: 11,937 (965); Campania: 20,299 (2,516); Emilia-Romagna: 209 (31); Friuli-Venezia Giulia: 36 (2); Lazio: 415 (54); Liguria: 10 (1); Lombardy: 9,091 (1,176); Brands: 1,717 (250); Molise: 357 (27); Piedmont: 4,668 (652); Puglia: 11,416 (1,066); Sardinia: 3,905 (300); Sicily: 17,380 (1,759); Tuscany: 519 (72); Trentino-Alto Adige: 370 (17); Umbria: 1,168 (153); Aosta Valley: 129 (26); Veneto: 2,437 (319). In total there are 89,253 (9,654). Finally, remember that a different quantity of resources is allocated to each region: more in the South.

Source: Infratel