Bollinger B2, the electric truck that looks like a LEGO challenges Rivian

Bollinger B2, the electric truck that looks like a LEGO challenges Rivian
Bollinger was born with the intention of proposing an alternative on the electric pick-up market, which to date is still quite firm but which will soon come to life thanks to the release on the market of the first Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck models in 2021. .

Bollinger, with its B2 model, followed in Rivian's footsteps in proposing both a pick-up and an SUV using the same starting point and modifying only the shape of the body. While Rivian is almost ready to bring its models to market, Bollinger has lagged a bit behind and is still defining the funds needed to start production.

In 2018 Bollinger moved from the state from New York to Detroit, Michigan, and sought a context that would allow them to build a research center, eventually set up the company headquarters, and finally start production. The initial plan was to start production in 2019, but to date we are not very clear where the work is.

Nonetheless, the company has released several renderings of what could be the final model brought on the market - even if some details may not necessarily be changed: we are dealing with a vehicle with a particular design, very squared and robust, almost reminiscent of a car from the world of LEGO.

The latest renderings published show the car in a white color that highlights the visible rivets and the simplicity of the body lines; the use of small circles confirms that the Bollinger B2 is designed to offer maximum functionality without aesthetic frills.

Bollinger is seeking funding of approximately $ 50 million to start production and increase the number of working prototypes available, after which another 250 million will be needed to finalize production and launch on the market.

According to some rumors, the Bollinger B2 will be offered on the market at a price of $ 125,000.