Ark 2 will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and S, official status arrives

Ark 2 will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and S, official status arrives
The Game Awards have been over for several hours now, it was definitely a long night and, if you have lost all the winners, you can read our report in the dedicated article. Although the show's goal was to name the winners in the various categories, the stage was also used to show some game trailers coming out soon; one above all Ark 2. The sequel to the survival horror created and published by Studio Wildcard has certainly been talked about, thanks also to an exceptional special guest: Vin Diesel.

It is news a few hours ago that Ark 2 will be an exclusive Xbox Series X> and Series S console. Confirmation comes from Microsoft's official Aaron Greenberg Twitter profile. The post, which we will leave you right below, confirms how much the marketing manager of Xbox Games is excited by the idea of ​​seeing the work on Xbox Series X and S. Obviously this is an exclusive console, as Ark 2 will also be available on PC.

We are excited to be working with the Studios Wildcard team on bringing ARK II staring Vin Diesel exclusively to Xbox Series X | S consoles.

- Aaron Greenberg 🙅🏼‍♂️💚U (@aarongreenberg) December 11, 2020

“We are delighted to partner with Studios Wildcard to bring Ark 2, starring Vin Diesel, exclusively to Xbox Series X and Series S. ”This is what Greenberg wrote shortly after the trailer revealed at the 2020 Game Awards. Although the footage did not make him scream for joy. users, we must remember that the first Ark: Survival Evolved has sold a lot, and is still played by thousands and thousands of fans all over the world. Will Microsoft be able to grab a small pearl? Only time will tell us.

What do you think of this news? How did Ark 2 feel to you? Let us know in the comments on the below in the dedicated section. As always, we invite you to stay tuned for all the news regarding this curious project starring Vin Diesel.

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