Aprilia unveils eSR1, its first electric scooter

Aprilia unveils eSR1, its first electric scooter
A few weeks ago, the news circulated regarding the release of the first electric scooter by Aprilia, the Italian brand of the Piaggio group. For some hours the official denial has arrived: it is not a real electric scooter with a license plate, but an electric scooter, a modern emblem of city mobility, despite all the problems and controversies it has created.

It is called eSR1 - an evocative name that recalls the legendary Aprilia SR scooter - and was born thanks to a collaboration between the Noale brand and the company MT Distribution, specialized in the distribution of electric vehicles for micro-mobility.

Technical specifications of the new Aprilia eSR1 they speak of a scooter equipped with a 350 W brushless motor, sufficient for the most varied city uses, even on uphill roads. The installed battery is 280 Wh, which translates into a range of about 30 km; not the best the industry has to offer, but basically enough to do home-work and return in one day. To simplify the charging process, the battery can be removed.

The whole is installed on a frame made of magnesium alloy, which also houses two 10-inch wheels with anti-puncture tubeless tires. In order to make the eSR1 as safe as possible, Aprilia has installed an electric brake on the front wheel - the driving one - and a small disc brake on the rear wheel, as well as LED lights in front and behind to get noticed in traffic. br>
On the handlebar we find a 3.5 inch LCD display, a nice technological detail which, if combined with the young and aggressive line made by Aprilia, could attract the youngest.

Aprilia has set the price of the eSR1 at 659 euros, which includes the Family Protection Insurance of AXA Assistance.

Aprilia eSR1 is already available at some authorized dealers, while free sale is scheduled for January 20.