Tesla inaugurates its largest Supercharger station in Shanghai

Tesla inaugurates its largest Supercharger station in Shanghai
The Tesla car manufacturer's charging infrastructure network is inevitably constantly developing and expanding. Over the past few days, the US company has formalized the opening of a new station which is the largest built so far by the same company.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese market proves to be very important in the development plans of Elon Musk's company. In fact, the company produced 23,000 electric vehicles in Shanghai's Gigafactory 3 in November alone. Although some units have been exported to other markets, the sales of the US brand are growing and a consequent optimization of charging technologies can only favor their further diffusion.

Tesla has therefore decided to optimize its network of charging stations dedicated to electric cars with the construction of the largest SuperCharger station in the city of Shanghai which has 72 charging points, thus beating its previous record relating to the Firebaugh station, in California, which offers a total number of 56 charging stations.

The new Shanghai SuperCharger station completed by the company is located in a well-known commercial district in the country, the Jing'an International Center, and according to official information, the 72 charging points use SuperChargers V2 which produce up to 120 kW of power, while the 56 columns present in the California station use SuperChargers V3 of 250 kW. These characteristics therefore show that charging times at the Shanghai station will be quite long. However, it is important to reiterate that currently only Model 3 and Model Y are capable of supporting V3 charging.

It is nevertheless necessary to reiterate that Elon Musk's plans plan to continue the expansion of Supercharger V3 stations in the coming months, together with an increase in the brand's service centers internationally.

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