Milan, mandatory charging points at petrol stations from 2023

Milan, mandatory charging points at petrol stations from 2023
The electric vehicle market continues its unstoppable growth. Recently released data underline that electric car sales in the European Union have increased by 110% in the last three years. Despite this exponential growth, however, unfortunately, the increase in the number of recharging points only grew by 58%. Data that show that investments in new infrastructures are not keeping pace with the increase in sales of new vehicles.

Based on the data cited, we can only reiterate how fundamental - also in Italy - optimization is of the infrastructure network, starting from the same number of charging stations. In this regard, the city of Milan establishes that from 2023 all petrol stations in the area must necessarily have columns dedicated to electric cars.

Obligation from 2023

Milan will therefore be the first Italian city to introduce the obligation - at all fuel stations - to install infrastructures dedicated to new electric vehicles.

This decision was taken by the City Council of the same Lombard capital on the occasion of the approval of the new Regulation for air quality. In addition, distributors already present in the area must deliver the project no later than January 1, 2022, while the installation of the columns must be carried out within 12 months following the presentation of the project.

Evolution of CCS charging technology for e-cars towards 350 kW In the event that there are technical inconsistencies for the installation, the possibility of placing the device in a different area from the system is not excluded of fuel distribution. Therefore, the City Council has informed that in such cases it will be possible to proceed with the construction of the infrastructure in a public area other than the distributor's premises by 1 January 2023. The finalization of these projects, even with the separate location, is expected rather difficult, especially in the case of those service stations located within the most central streets of the city, such as the IP distributors in Via Uberto Visconti di Modrone (San Babila) and in Viale Beatrice d'Este (Bocconi). br>

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