The High Republic, the first Star Wars series arrives

The High Republic, the first Star Wars series arrives
The force flows mightily into 2021 and Star Wars: The High Republic lands on the shelves bringing fans a new epic series of novels and comics.

In this new saga, five of the favorite authors of the Star Wars fans will tell an epic and interconnected story across different publishers and formats for different age groups, setting a new timeline of the Star Wars universe storytelling for generations to come. Early releases of Star Wars: The High Republic will include The Light of the Jedi, an adult-oriented novel written by Charles Soule, A Test of Courage, a Justina Ireland novel, and a new comic book series from Marvel and a children's book, both written by Cavan Scott. Other titles will be added to the series in February, including Into the Dark, a novel by Claudia Gray, and the Adventures of the High Republic, a series of comics published by IDW and written by Daniel José Older, dedicated to fans of all ages. .

Star Wars: The High Republic will take place centuries before the events described in the film The Phantom Menace, during the golden age of the republic and the Jedi Order. Noble and wise, the Jedi serve as protectors at a much more peaceful and prosperous time in the galaxy. The story begins as the Jedi face the Great Disaster, an intergalactic catastrophe that will take events in a dangerous new direction. Fans will be introduced to a new group of brave heroes, as well as new terrifying villains. The young padawans fans will know will be Burryaga, a Force-sensitive young Wookiee skilled with a lightsaber, Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh, a young Jedi Knight with a whip, who will appear in A Test of Courage. Fans will also review well-known and beloved faces, such as that of Master Yoda.

With the new heroes, a barrage of new villains will also come to terrorize the galaxy, including predators Nihil, who will wreak havoc in the Outer Rim, and the menacing Drengir, a plant life form equipped with tentacles and teeth. The initiative was created and studied in detail by Lucasfilm Publishing and Story Group. Star Wars: The High Republic products will be published by Disney Lucasfilm Press, Del Rey, IDW Publishing, Marvel and others.

All Star Wars movies, animated series and TV series is available on Disney + where you can find also numerous documentaries and behind the scenes of your favorite series!

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