Receipt lottery: when do we leave?

Receipt lottery: when do we leave?
The so-called "Receipt Lottery" should have started on January 1st, but it was not: as is well known, the Milleproroghe decree at the end of the year in fact postponed the start of the project following the protests of Confesercenti for the problems caused by level of costs and updating times of telematic cash registers. “Those who sell”, explains the official website of the lottery, “will have a few more weeks to adapt the software of the electronic cash register and those who buy will have more chances to participate in the lottery”.

Lottery Receipts, when does the project start

But when does the project start? Ideally, in fact, the start of registration of the receipts (and consequently the start of the prize draws) should take place on February 1st. However, to date there is nothing official because, as explained by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, "the thousand extensions decree entrusts the definition of the start date to a provision with double signature of the top management of the Customs and monopolies and the Revenue Agency “. It will therefore be these two entities that will jointly establish when the time can be ripe to kick off everything.

Following the postponement of the departure of the Receipt Lottery, the calendar of the drawings has also been postponed :

When fully operational, the draws will be weekly, monthly and yearly. The calendar of the weekly and monthly draws is defined by a double signature deed by the General Managers of the Customs and Monopolies Agency and by the Revenue Agency, while the date of the annual drawing is established by an act of the General Director of the Agenzia delle customs and monopolies. Once defined, the extraction calendar will be visible in the public area of ​​the LOTTERY PORTAL and on the website of the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

While the exhibitors update their cash registers, thus preparing everything to start to convert receipts into Lottery tickets, citizens just have to prepare the codes to carry with them to transform their purchases into opportunities. The page to start from is this and all you need is your Tax Code.