Rainbow Six Siege PG Nats: Macko Esports champions of Italy!

Rainbow Six Siege PG Nats: Macko Esports champions of Italy!
Yesterday the last day of Rainbow Six Siege's PG Nationals Winter Split took place. An afternoon of celebration for all fans of the Ubisoft tactical shooter, who were able to enjoy a great show with two explosive matches.

The first to descend into the digital arena were the Goskilla and the Notorious Legion, for the so-called “finalina”. Not a simple formality, because never as this year is it important for the teams to gain as many positions as possible, in anticipation of the season finale. Each team participating in the championship, in fact, receives an amount of "global" points associated with the performances in the two splits into which the competitive year is divided. These, then, will be used to access the super final of the season that will be played next July.

To win the third place in the Winter Split, in the end, were the Notorious Legion with their transalpine roster. Despite a first fought map (Oregon), in Kafé the NLEs took off, leaving the GosKilla probably still in search of an identity.

Soon after it was the turn of the M&M duo: Macko Esports and Mkers, two teams capable of raising the flag also in Europe. Let's not forget that the Mkers, in addition to having dominated the regular season, are also the first Italians qualified for the Six Invitational, the most important event of the entire R6 competitive landscape.

The match was a riot of emotions, thanks to two highly competitive and fierce teams, decided not to give discounts to rivals. There were three intense, explosive, spectacular maps. In Kafé the Macko started in fourth, leaving the Mkers stunned, able to gain only two rounds out of the nine played. The same result, with reversed parts, however, for the surprising following map where the Roman formation has substantially recomposed the wrong suffered.

On complete parity, the title of Italian champions was played in the always problematic Villa, the most hard-fought map of the match: the 5 to 7 for the Mackos is there to prove it.

Congratulations to the Macko, fresh national champions just under a year after their foundation, and a big GG to the boys, highly experienced players: SirBoss, Alation, Keenan, J3n4, T3b.

Good luck, instead , to the Mkers now with their heads at the 2021 Invitational!