PlayStation: Uncharted film is the beginning of a media offensive

PlayStation: Uncharted film is the beginning of a media offensive
It has been known for some time that Sony is working with Naughty Dog Productions on an Uncharted film in which Tom Holland slips into the role of hero Nathan Drake. Its premiere is currently planned for July 16, 2021 - if the current corona pandemic allows. However, this film is only the beginning of a major media offensive that Sony is currently planning around the PlayStation division. This is what the managing director Jim Ryan recently said in a presentation at the CES 2021 (Consumer Electronics Show). There he said, among other things:

"This is just the beginning of expanding our storytelling into new media and for an even larger audience. Sony is a creative entertainment company, and entertainment has never been more important. "

Ryan was not able to elicit any more specific details in this regard. But the key message should be clear: Sony has big plans for the various entertainment media. PlayStation Productions' Tony Vinciquerra recently announced that a total of seven TV productions and three films based on PlayStation brands are in the works. In addition to the Uncharted film mentioned at the beginning, this includes the already announced TV series based on the action adventure The Last of Us, which will be shown on the HBO channel. A series on the twisted metal brand is also in the works.


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Source: Sony