Is MeWe the new social media of the US far right?

Is MeWe the new social media of the US far right?
MeWe is certainly not the best-known social network in the online world, but from here on we will hear about it. It is among the platforms that in recent weeks have been welcoming the exodus of Trump supporters and the most radical exponents of the US right. A platform that acts as an alternative to traditional ones, presenting itself as absolutely respectful of privacy. Here is what you read on the homepage of the official site.

Basta ads. No more spyware. No more teasing.

Is Parler offline, everyone on MeWe?

The creation dates back to 2012, but the beta phase ended only three years later. The dynamics are not too dissimilar to those of Facebook: a feed fed by posts, the possibility of creating groups linked to a certain topic, chats and so on. Following the onslaught of Capitol Hill and the crackdown imposed by the most well-known platforms (including Parler), registrations have seen strong growth. Today it has about 15 million users and the number is increasing.

The policy adopted for content moderation, anything but stringent, has made MeWe one of the favorite online lidos of QAnon conspiracy theorists and by those of the Stop the Steal movement who support the theory of electoral fraud at the last US presidential elections. The social network was then associated with the deniers of COVID-19, the No Vax and some militarized groups of the far right overseas. Last November it also attracted some of the Hong Kong protesters due to possible restrictions imposed by China on Facebook.

It is important to underline how the leaders of society have repeatedly labeled these reports as incomplete and biased as a search is enough to discover groups with a diametrically opposite nature: sympathizers of Bernie Sanders and of the LGBTQ + communities. On the board of directors is a certain Tim Berners-Lee, someone who knows something about the online world.

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