Four years of Trump in the Flickr archive

Four years of Trump in the Flickr archive
Joe Biden’s settlement in the White House brought a piece of Luna to the Oval Office and emptied The Official White House Flickr account. In any case, the rich catalog of official photographs taken by those who followed Donald Trump's predecessor in his four-year mandate has not disappeared, fortunately: it can still be browsed, it has only changed address.

The Trump administration as told by Flickr

A resource from which we too have drawn on several occasions, unique in its kind. First of all, because it provides an almost daily coverage of presidential activities with high resolution images in the public domain, therefore usable without any constraints and without restrictions in terms of copyright. Secondly, because the representation of a parallel universe free from any reference to the most controversial issues of the person concerned has been defined by many: in short, an archive that testifies to diplomatic meetings and little more.

The official White House Flickr account was opened in 2009 by Obama following his first inauguration as President. The photographer Pete Souza, who followed him until the end of his second term, took care of the shots, still online.

Source: The White House Archived on Flickr