Fortnite: how to get 75 V-Buck for free on January 10 in Pietralegno

Fortnite: how to get 75 V-Buck for free on January 10 in Pietralegno
Although the Fortnite Battaglia Reale item shop has not welcomed any new costume linked to collaborations like those seen in recent weeks, it could be convenient for you to accumulate some tokens for future purchases. So here are the tips on how to accumulate today, January 10, 2021, at least 75 V-Buck in Save the World.

Before offering you the complete list of active missions until one Italian tonight, we suggest as always to complete the Daily Task, whose rewards can vary from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 100 V-Buck.

Here are the alerts of the day:


Ride the Lightning, Forest (Recommended Home Base Level 9) - 25 V-Buck, Hero Experience Points, Survivor Experience Points, Event Tickets and Seasonal Gold Fortunately for you, the mission proposed today by Epic Games for Fortnite Players Save the World is set in Pietralegno, which is the first of the four game areas. This means that anyone who has even purchased the co-op mode of the title and completed the tutorial has the opportunity to start the mission. In this regard, you don't need to ask a friend to invite you to their private lobby today, as the mission level is so low that you can search for allies via matchmaking, so that the game automatically matches you with other users.
We remind you that if you have not yet reached level 100 of the Battle Pass you can find on our pages a guide with advice on how to complete all the challenges of Week 6 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Also don't forget to check out the guide on how to blow fishing holes at Pond Flopper and Lago delle Canoe.