Final Fantasy 7: Fan sets up interesting theory

Final Fantasy 7: Fan sets up interesting theory
It should take a while until we get the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake. But there is already an interesting theory that revolves around the NPC Marle.

Warning! Here are spoilers!

Marle is more of a supporting character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but Reddit user Mike_Wintergreen noticed something. Anyone who has played the RPG knows that it is more than just a remake. The story is different from that of the original and there are some mysterious scenes that have raised some questions from the fans. Is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake playing in an alternate timeline? And did time travel cause this? This is also indicated by the NPC Marle.

Marle makes a mysterious hint in chapter 13 of the game and gives Barret a tip that he should be careful where he steps, otherwise he would find himself in a hole. And that's exactly what happens later in the story. Barret falls into a hole and is separated from the group.

Marle also seems to know that Barret's little daughter, Marlene, will be safe and will be saved by Aerith when the attack occurs.

Is Marle maybe Marlene, who came from the future? There are indications of time travel in the game and speculations that both Sephiroth and Aerith can travel through time. When Aerith hugs Marlene in Chapter 12, there is no short flash of light to be seen. What did it mean?

We may find out whether there is anything to this theory when Part 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is released. In any case, time travel would explain why some things are so different in the remake than in the original.

Source: Reddit