Emissions: Volkswagen buys green credits from three electric car startups

Emissions: Volkswagen buys green credits from three electric car startups
The limits set by the European community for CO2 emissions could have serious consequences on the financial stability of many manufacturers. Those who do not respect the average of 95g of CO2 / km for each registered car will be forced to penalties even in the order of billions of euros. Potentially, an explosive situation. Volkswagen is among the largest car manufacturers in the world, and among those that, due to its wide range, are most likely to incur some fines.

To avoid the terrible hypothesis, the German group is relying on a mechanism, provided by the European community, for the purchase of green credits from other companies that are more virtuous in terms of the environment and emissions. According to rumors from Germany, Volkswagen has found an agreement with three startups: Aiways, Levc and Next E.Go Mobile. These are three companies that are substantially little known in Europe and which currently could contribute little to achieving emission limits.

Aiways is a Chinese company whose entry into the European market is still in the planning stage; Levc, whose main product is represented by zero-emission London taxis, has recently started its entry into the continental European market; Next E.Go Mobile will start its activities in the coming months, building a small electric car, built in Germany based on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen group.

The mechanism for the purchase of virtuous securities will be valid until 2022. Volkswagen, despite the huge investments in electric mobility, will not be able to meet the limits imposed for 2020, missing the threshold by about one gram. Failure to achieve the goal is partly due to ID.3 delivery delays. The current year should offer better development guarantees, both for the increase in terms of sales of electric cars, and for the benefits that the green credits will bring to Volkswagen's business.

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