Death Stranding: Extended Edition with new content for PS5?

Death Stranding: Extended Edition with new content for PS5?
The action adventure Death Stranding is currently available exclusively for the PS4. But that could change in the foreseeable future if the well-known leaker and ResetEra user "Naftra" has its way. He recently spoke up in the forum and mentioned a possible port.


Death Stranding: New trailer for PC launch published loadVideoPlayer ('83088' , '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 18, '16: 9 ', false, 1365823, false, 264535, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Death Stranding from € 20.95 First of all, he explained somewhat nebulously that those should be patient who are toying with a purchase of Death Stranding (buy now € 20.95 / € 53.99), but so far not really could get through to it. Another forum user claimed a little later that he had allegedly heard that an Extended Edition of the Kojima game for the PS4 and PS5</a> was in development. The leaker confirmed this with a tight "Yep". It became a little more specific afterwards when the question arose whether there could be an upgrade for owners of the original game:

"Even if there is an upgrade option, it will probably be chargeable, because the version will offer new story content. "

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According to this, the mentioned Extended Edition of Death Stranding should not just be a port, but also offer new content. According to the speaker, these could be additional story missions. So far, however, neither Sony nor Kojima Productions have issued an opinion on the subject, so you should be careful with it. However, "Naftra" was already correct several times with its leaks and predictions about PlayStation games. We stay on the ball for you!

Source: ResetEra