Cashback, Step 2: Need a new membership?

Cashback, Step 2: Need a new membership?
The first phase of Cashback ends today, the one called Christmas Extra Cashback. From tomorrow, the first day of 2021, the so-called Phase 2 will start with a six-month duration (like the next two) until June 2021. How does the registration work? The answer comes directly from the Twitter account of the IO application.

State cashback: registration for the second phase

A post shared yesterday clarifies: who has already participated in the initiative in the last few weeks he will not have to do anything, he will be registered automatically. All others can do it at any time, directly from IO in the Wallet section where you can also add payment methods and the IBAN of the current account for receiving the transfer. It should be remembered that the money will be transferred within 60 days from the end of each phase for those who have reached the minimum threshold of required transactions (10 for December 2020, at least 50 for the subsequent period).

On #IOapp you will see the final calculation of valid transactions and refunds within 10 days of the end of the #Cashback period. If you have exceeded the minimum transaction threshold, you will receive a wire transfer within 60 days. You will be automatically enrolled in the next period.

- IO, the public services app (@IOitaliait) December 30, 2020

The expenses incurred in stores up to this evening (December 31) will be counted in the next few days. For the purposes of reimbursement, the date of execution of the payment will prevail.

The second phase of the State Cashback will also assign what has been christened Super Cashback: a further contribution of 1,500 euros recognized to the 100,000 citizens who in each of the three semesters of the initiative will have carried out the highest number of valid transactions . There will be a ranking, continuously updated and available from the moment the payment count reaches the threshold of 50 units.

Source: IO on Twitter