Apple with iPhone 13 could retrace its steps

Apple with iPhone 13 could retrace its steps
The rumors run fast and paint us an "unreleased" iPhone 13, at least from the point of view of what will be contained within it. Apple would have liked not to use two biometric recognition methods on the iPhone but, given the situation, it would now be thinking seriously about it.

Well, since the advent of the iPhone X that brought Face ID with it, Apple has been repeatedly categorical in asserting that it would have continued exclusively on the path of 3D biometric recognition of the face. This feature, says Apple, makes smartphones safer than using a fingerprint sensor.

But things change and in a world where you have to wear a respiratory protective device, the Face ID is unable to recognize the owner. So Apple plans to retrace its steps and add a biometric sensor below the display to the Face ID to use when it is difficult to be recognized. It is obvious that such a choice would make everything easier on the user side and would allow immediate unlocks in any context.

As for the aesthetic question, there should be no radical changes. Also in this case, Apple would have chosen to retrace its steps already last year by adopting on the iPhone 12 a design with sharp lines like those used on the iPhone 4, 5 and 5s.

The advent of the iPhone 13 is missing still many months but the dual function of biometrics could be a much talked about topic during the course of the year.

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