Among Us Conan O'Brien doesn't like: "any idiot can win; like elections"

Among Us Conan O'Brien doesn't like: any idiot can win; like elections
While half the world goes crazy for Among Us, Innersloth's game has failed to break into the heart of Conan O'Brien, one of the most famous and influential faces on American television. During the Good Game podcast, Nice Try, hosted by Sonja Reid and Aaron Bleyaert, O'Brien explained why this colorful party game doesn't enjoy him: "It's like our presidential election. Any game where an idiot he can jump in and suddenly triumph, that's a problem for the game! "

His opinion, however, is that of a person who doesn't really like video games, even though he knows them, since his son, apparently, is a fan of Among Us. This, however, does not prevent him from having an opinion on everything, especially if this might piss someone off: "as everyone knows, I don't know much about video games and I'm not good at video games. But I love having many opinions on video games and sharing them with people, thus infuriating them ".

And even in the case of Among Us, his opinion seems to come more from observing his son's games than from direct evidence. On one point, however, Conan O'Brien is right: Among Us's global success is also explained by its simplicity and the fact that anyone can win a game without too much effort, even a President of the United States. One thing that millions of people like, but which obviously does not stimulate the very blonde One man show enough.