500 Abarth electric: an ever closer reality

500 Abarth electric: an ever closer reality
Few things are really inevitable, one of these is the inexorable advance of time and the evolution of the world that follows from it; this formula has not spared even Abarth which, according to plans, will shortly launch the first vitaminized 500 without a heat engine, fully electric.

The 500e has brought a breath of fresh air to the Fiat house which since 2006 has been carrying the model so loved by Italians continues with minimal changes; in fact, excluding the restyling of 2015, the 500 has lived for 9 years without ever changing its appearance and, thanks to an excellent initial design, has never felt the weight of its age.

The transition to electric therefore represents a necessary turning point also for the scorpion brand which has always had the important task of giving a little spice to the sweet 500, making it a car desired even by those who own sports cars: it was so loved that even Ferrari offered a special version of the 500 Abarth to their customers, the 500 Abarth tribute Ferrari with Rosso Corsa color and silver stripes like the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

Abarth's trademark has always been the overbearing and arrogant sound that, for obvious reasons, it cannot be present in the electric version; we are therefore curious to see how this aspect of the car will be handled, which is very important to give it that sporty touch to which the scorpion has accustomed us.

The company's top management, including Oliver Francois himself, have confirmed the imminent arrival of the peppery version of the 500e and some unofficial renderings are already circulating on the internet.

We can't wait to have more information about it but we are sure that we will not be disappointed, on the other hand electric cannot and cannot it must mean boring and this Abarth knows it well.

The battery will probably remain the same as the normal 500e but the power will rise from the current 118 hp up to 180/200 hp, to allow the Italian compact to reach 0-100 between 6 and 7 seconds.

The main question remains, as previously mentioned, the acoustic timbre of the “engine” which even in the 500e electric is decidedly particular; we can't wait to hear what they invented at Abarth, while we wait we can only dream and hope that its DNA has not been distorted.