Via the FM radio from all smartphones from 1 January 2021

Via the FM radio from all smartphones from 1 January 2021

The cause is the entry into force of the requests of law 205/2017 with the recent updates of the Unblock construction sites decree

(Photo: Pixabay) From next January 1, 2021, all smartphones equipped with FM radio have been sold so far in Italy will have to switch off the service to comply with the official entry into force of law no. 205/2017 and the subsequent integration of the Sblocca Cantieri decree. The procedure will take place through a software update that will disable the function, as already operated by Samsung, which was the first manufacturer to move in this obligatory direction.

Law 205/2017 (Article 1 paragraph 1044) requires that all devices with FM radio must also receive Dab + services, ie the latest generation digital radio. The recent Unblock construction sites decree (Article 28 paragraph 5) has included smartphones in the list that also includes car radios, household systems and the like. In fact, the dab + antenna remains a very rare component on smartphones, with only 2016 Lg Stylus 2 among those that also arrived in the West.

All other smartphones with integrated fm radio will not respect the requests and will therefore have to turn off the service respecting the deadline of January 1, 2021. Samsung was the first company, with the Galaxy A50 model. Of course, all new models will also have to disable the FM radio, if they do not have a Dab + antenna. How to continue listening to the radio on your mobile? There are two ways.

The first is not to update the smartphone equipped with FM radio, but this is not recommended since it is left without the latest protection from cyber threats and software optimizations.

The second is to download the applications to listen to the radio in streaming that are free for both Android and iPhone. There are apps that bring together thousands of stations from all over the world and there are the official ones of the individual broadcasters, which also bring extra functions to the plate such as live video, the ability to comment and interact with various programs and podcasts.

In any case, streaming audio consumes a small amount of traffic, making listening to radio from the web rather parsimonious in relation to your data package even on the move.

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