Torchlight 3: Snow & Steam Winter Update Now Available

Torchlight 3: Snow & Steam Winter Update Now Available
Snow & Steam is the biggest update to date for Torchlight 3. Players can accept a time-limited assignment that will provide them with a wide range of winter companions and fort decorations. Including a variant of a cat in a holiday sweater. All unlocked items will then be permanently available. The recently added creepy companions can no longer be found, but can return after the winter season ends. A new set of legendary weapons, consisting of a mace, sword, shield, staff, focus, and armor, has also been added to the game. These are permanently available and can be found by characters from level 47. In addition, some rare helmets in winter look can now be found in the game.


Torchlight 3: Official launch trailer introduces Action-RPG loadVideoPlayer ('83328', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured ', 12, '16: 9', false, 1363933, false, 267805, 260, false, 0, '', '', false); Changes to the gameplay were also made with the update. The team has listened to community feedback and has given the mechanicsmith class a major overhaul. A new HUD and the new "Steam" resource await players in this class. This increases the movement speed and is spent on basic attacks and various skills. Perfect for trying out the new version of the mechanicsmith is the improved Fazeers Dun'Dschinn. There is now a larger selection of affixes, a revised quest system, and increased rewards and difficulty levels.

In addition, the forts have been expanded a lot. These now offer a cellar that provides considerably more storage space. With tailoring, players can make their equipment look like other items. The companions can now also be presented through beds and seats in the forts. However, that's not all that has been changed about the companions. These now have a fetch option and five new skills. You can get hold of a rare or better companion through impressive companion cages. Including the new companions frost owl, cat in holiday sweater, red-nosed retriever, festive ferret, and reindeer.

Act 1 has also been revised, and a new hidden area with a new boss has been added.