Super Nintendo World: Direct to the theme park announced

Super Nintendo World: Direct to the theme park announced
Work on the first Nintendo theme park has been going on for a long time. It is being built in the Japanese city of Osaka, which lies on a coast in the middle of the country - over 2.5 million people live in Osaka. However, Nintendo's first theme park is not a completely separate park, but part of the much larger Universal Studios Japan. Super Nintendo World, the name of the amusement park, which is obviously based on Nintendo's second home console from the 90s (Super Nintendo), is to open its doors to visitors on February 4th, 2021.

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New Nintendo Direct

As Nintendo announced, Super Nintendo World will now be presented in more detail in a new Nintendo Direct edition. The show runs in the night from Friday (December 18, 2020) to Saturday (December 19, 2020) from midnight, i.e. at midnight. As usual, Direct can be seen in various ways, including YouTube and Twitch. "Here you get a first look at Super Nintendo World," writes Nintendo Germany on Twitter. Also the note: “The broadcast is in English and no game content is shown.”

Nintendo DE on YouTube Nintendo DE on Twitch

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World offers a variety of attractions and rides . For example, visitors can ride a Mario Kart roller coaster located in Bowser's castle. The driving experience is supplemented by means of AR glasses with virtual Mario Kart elements such as items and placements. A few weeks ago, Nintendo presented the ride in more detail.

More Nintendo theme parks are planned for the future, specifically in California and Florida in the USA; also as part of existing larger parks. Currently, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, these plans are on hold for an indefinite period.

Source: NintendoDE on Twitter

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