Spectronik, the young Singapore company is targeting hydrogen vehicles

Spectronik, the young Singapore company is targeting hydrogen vehicles
A small Singapore company has decided to make its way into the hydrogen fuel cell sector. The goal of the young company is to launch a prototype already in the first quarter of 2021 thanks to large investments.

We are talking about a company founded in 2011 by two young people who, to date, have undertaken a development of solutions dedicated to hydrogen vehicles. Spectronik production began with the development of fuel cells dedicated to surveillance drones. Subsequently, the great success that the technology was gradually obtaining, pushed the company to the total design and construction of the same aircraft.

Not surprisingly, the high numbers of sales were due to the optimizations made possible by the presence of their fuel cells; inevitably more energy dense than standard lithium batteries. All this allowed for better flight times, equal to 90 minutes versus 30 minutes for battery-powered models.

A new start

Spectronik hopes to become the first local company to build vehicles equipped with new technologies. It therefore began a new experimentation thanks to the long design of the first prototype of its range of vehicles, with the Cruiser brand. According to reports, the first concept will be assembled at a Chinese plant and will be a freight van or shuttle bus. As for the cells, these will be produced in Singapore where the same body will also take care of subsequent renovations needed to be implemented. The new project, which will inevitably lead the small company into the large automotive market, will see a huge number of investments: the first will be around one million dollars. In order to create the prototype, Spectronik also started the creation of an ad hoc platform.

The goal will be to launch the prototype as early as 2021 with the aim of demonstrating that hydrogen fuel cell technology could be one of the most versatile solutions to be adopted to reduce CO2 emissions.

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